Hoi An, Vietnam 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Catfish Mania Part I...Chao Phraya River, Downtown Bangkok

Hello and Welcome to Catfish Mania Volume 1. This video was taken at a public dock in downtown Bangkok. The swarms of catfish were like this all over every dock and house riddled piece of shoreline on the river (we took the water taxi and saw many a dock and shoreline). People in Thailand feed the catfish like us patriotic Americans feed ducks. Its so gross! Its grosser than pigeons. Its grosser than hand feeding hunks of pigeons to plague rats. Well enjoy and be sure to check out Catfish Mania Number II that should be out later today. It shows what looks like Chao the Phraya river getting rained upon but its just thousands upon thousands of catfish slapping the water as far as the eye can see.


PS. The seafood market in Bangkok is like a minefield of catfish...literally. They have small kids swimming pools and buckets full of hundreds of catfish and they love to jump out of their containers all over the ground. Some are stomped like frogs that didn't make it across the road in summertime others thrown back in the pen. Its crowded. Its slippery. Its smelly. Its heaven. Gotta love the fish market.

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  1. Wow. I'll never look at Glenn's "Vietnamese Catfish" quite the same...love you guys! Keep 'em coming!